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BUNDLE - Ch 1+2

BUNDLE - Ch 1+2

The ultimate way to get everything... is! This is the best deal for getting all current Halcyon items. Comes with the following:

- A signed, hand-numbered copy of "Untitled So Far But We'll See"
- A signed, hand-numbered copy of "BOOK PEOPLE"

- Signed "Roadtrip" print (A5 size)
- Signed "Drowning the Call" print (A5 size)
- Full colour "Race for the Prize" poster (A3 size)

- 2x World Sick stickers (2" diameter)
- 2x "On a trail" stickers (2" diameter)

NOTE: Due to the poster's size, the poster will be folded to fit into the shipping box
NOTE: If you get this, you're helping the creation of more comics--and are also a very cool person, in all likelihood